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The 1 Billion mission
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Next Math is an ambitious undertaking to change the way we teach and learn. Make education equitable for students and teachers!
What is Next Math?
A refreshed, accessible math program
from the people who know it best
We have refined aspects of math method to better meet the needs of today’s students while preserving the core of this unique approach.

Written by a team of experienced educators and experts, it is rigorous and engaging curriculum that provides a deep elementary math foundation.
Our program
How do we achieve academic excellence?
We draw and visualize mathematical concepts to solve problems
We show how numbers join together, and how they break down into component parts
We use concrete materials and pictorial/representational diagrams
What does your child gain from Next Math?
Confidence and passion for math
A deep and adaptable understanding of math
Improved results at school
Pricing plans
One-to-one class
Lessons once a week
8 sessions per month
16 sessions per month
Lessons twice a week
One-to-one class
One-to-one class
Lessons 3 times a week
24 sessions per month
Our teachers
Who is a Next Math teacher?
Our tutors undergo extensive hands-on training to ensure the highest quality of the Next Math lessons.
One-to-one Learning
Experienced and passionate for teaching
Skilled at tutoring in our online classroom
What’s next?
The march to
1 billion begins with you.
Get your number.
Every big, hairy, audacious goal starts with a single step. Join us on our journey.

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